The Nelson Marlborough ANI Register is administered by a collective of three organisations, OneFortyOne, Tasman Pine Forests and Fire Emergency NZ, that own radio channels operated in this region.

Membership of this register entitles you to have the approved radio channels installed by an authorised radio engineer* and self-select as many ANI numbers as required.

To Register as a user on this site download the application form, fill it in. and return it to one of the administering organisations.

The applicant agrees:

  1. To ensure all persons who use these radio channels will comply with and observe all statutes, laws and safety codes, and any or all conditions that may be imposed by the owners of the radio channels
  2. To only use authorised radio engineers* to program these channels in their radios
  3. Not to sell or give away any radio programmed with these channels without first having them removed by an authorised radio engineer*
  4. To maintain the data about the radios and users in this register
  5. Failure to comply with the channel owners conditions may result in removal from the register and you will be required to deprogram those channels from your radio

*Authorised Radio Engineers: Mount Campbell Communication Ltd, Nelspecs Ltd